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Crystal (Tech Girl) Hale

My name is Crystal Hale and I am from Dallas, Texas. I am a wife of one mother of four  lovely children Miriah, Charity, Ernest and Davey Gabey. I have been in media for the majority of my life.  It was in high school were I founded my first duplication company  were we duplicated cd’s ; and produce mixed tapes with the latest songs from local and national artist.

I have always had a love for photography and film. One of my greatest passions is sharing good news with people and telling a story. I have been able to capture many historical events in my  career .

Along with capturing many historical events  I have a love for ministry. I currently am the Director of Technology at The Masters Touch Empowerment Center.  I believe empowering the next generation to have a skill where they will be able to use in life.  I am the founder of the Touch Foundation. The Touch Foundation teaches youth  how to work media technology .   Thus giving them an employable skill  to take to the marketplace.

Along with helping my community , I am a lover of documentaries.  I love to hear the stories of many how they got to where they got to where they are. In 2007,  I merge my company which I founded in high school with my husband music company.  Touch Media Productions LLC.  which consist of visual media, website development, website hosting, Music , Marketing, publishing and internet radio stations.  I look forward to getting to know each of you who view this on a more personal level as we touch the world with media.


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1 Comment
  1. GODFREY SSALI 2 months ago

    Dear Madam Lady Crystal,
    a very good afternoon to you.

    Am one of your fans and followers based in Kampala Uganda, East Africa.
    I wish to get your advice and wise counsel as regards how to start up a low priced Online Radio Station.
    I want to champion issues of climate change, agriculture & girl empowerment in Africa but using an online radio station.
    How can i start up one? What are the required equipment? Where ca i source them cheaply?

    i will be most grateful for your kind response and advice soon.

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