Hey yall!! thank you for coming to my world here you find all my stuff in one place from classes, Podcast, Rants, Live Shows and so much more.

About Lady Hale 

A Dallas Native Lady Hale  has been into creative since she was a youth. At the Age my aunt brought me my first computer and I learn how to build systems modify operations systems and develop  technology the prosumers and consumers.  Lady Hale  has a Bachelors of Science in Digital Cinematography.  Known for her technology tutorials on youtube. Lady Hale has publish over 300 videos showing people how to do things. 

The Way Communications was a radio station that turned in to a network of over 33 Radio and Internet Tv, and Podcast stations.  Started in 2014  while in school. My husband and I added Television Streaming to our streaming company The Way Communications Network. This station plays custom creative content from broadcasters all around the globe I am always looking to add more broadcasters to our network. Fell free to fill out the contact form to be featured  on our Network. 

Wife of One (Ernest Hale) Mother of 4 beautiful children Crystal Serves as an Elder at The Master’s Touch Empowerment were she is the Overssee the Multi-Media Ministry .  

Feature Work 

The Launch

Lady Hale Specialize in Documentary film creation. She has Two under her belt where she fully producer the “Free Tevin Project”  and  “the Launch” Each can be seen on youtube. Each were both funded by Lady hale and produce, directed and Edited. 


A controversial coverage of the famed Baylor Football player caught in the prejudice  Waco justice and corrupt district Attorney   


Lady Hale Ventured in to Tee-Shirt making in 2017  starting with a 9x12 press. With a little Trial and error she grown the TMT Printshop to a full fledge Extention of her production company.  Known as the TMT PRINTSHop prining custom prints.  With Tons of tutorials on youtube showing entry level user how too use their machines and providing online class and one on on mentor ship for garment makers. 

Glitter Shirt Queen of the Jungle 

Flock technique 

Custom Hoodies 

Learn How to make Chip bags 

Creative School 

Courses from creative course to enhance your skills or if you just coming into the industry learn foundations to advance techniques from  Lady Hale and her professional friends who are well certified in the area they teach in the Creative School. Take these skills into the work place. 

Follow My Podcast 

No Matter if your on Google or I phone  you can find my Podcast “Lady Hale Podcast in your Podcast or Google Music store follow  me I talk about some great things and good to listen to in the car. 

AUGUST 7,2017 Release

The Launch Though this is like way like 2 years over do I want to say this was the longest I have ever work on a project 2 years thats only like 10 minuets  the reason being with this particular project was a challenge and a testament of determination. There were many...

What Coming UP……

Hey........ The Summer is almost over and guess what its really time to get back to a lot of Tech Girl stuff. As many of you know I am a Wife of one awesome Man, mom of 4 very very busy bams. And this month with all that is going on in my life i finish my Last month...

Guess Who’s Back………

Hey Yall,    I am almost done with school and i'm going to get back to my normal doing what i do  however it was time to revamp my website. I will be adding the online classes however that will be on a whole different Site which . Tech Girl Online School of Technology...