The Launch

Though this is like way like 2 years over do I want to say this was the longest I have ever work on a project 2 years thats only like 10 minuets  the reason being with this particular project was a challenge and a testament of determination. There were many of times were I almost gave up on this Project the reason being was that I was in school i was having a problem with one class that I failed 4 times Literally . Like how you fail this class 4 freaking times and each time I failed this dumb class it cost me 3k to take it over that 12k on one dang on class.

So finally i passed the stupid class and the rest of the program literally is a breeze  you always have that one class that take all of Jesus and his Angels for you to class. Plus I think the professor was just doing the most because I was doing a faith Based type  of film. My fa type of film is documentary. I love telling stories and encouraging others. So My husband was launching a church when we first started in 2015. As you know that  cam with many variables constantly changing the dynamics of the original story and story line. My professor  say you want to learn how to edit for real edit a documentary film. There just so much footage that go alongs with it and this rule here.


When it comes to the 70/30 this is what it means that 70 percent of your film will consist of  B-Roll while the other 30 percent is really talking and narration to put it in the best most lay mens terms that I could think of. At first we did a shoot right and it was a straight mess a disaster when i say Disaster I mean it had some great content but the story line flopped  Like really flop Had some great content but when putting it together it was so pieced it didn’t make sense.  So between my business my personal life and school  literally was like I have to shut every thing down in the Summer and Yes i missed making a lot of coins business wise because i was totally focused on school. Easy stuff I would do cause a girl got to live lol. However anything that required tons of time i declined. not cause I didn’t want to do it but i had to get this tight and I had to get this right.  So i had to make sure that everything was indeed in place to finish this film. You would think that a 10 min film would not take this much time to complete however this was again one of the greatest time put in tho this. And really help me to define the type of filming that I indeed like to do. I really do like doing documentary filming however it does take a lot of planning to do it Sucessfully. This is my second Short Documentary that I have done in my career my first was a very controversial one call free Tevin Elliott. About Ex-Baylor Football player Tevin Elliott.   Which was not a bad film for my first one however  I see how it got boring without as much B-Roll. B-Roll makes a documentary film what it is. So however the trailer join us live here  and also on the facebook pages as well . Belwo you can see the tralier.



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