EP 3 How To Start Your Church Legally

Register Your Church Legally

extractcrystalThis is the first Episode series of the Launch Your Church. My husband and I  started our church in March of this year. I wanted to help those who are in the process of launching their ministry or church because the steps are the same save for if you have a ministry you may or may not have a building.  There was not a blue print out to say you need to do this and that and this to start your ministry. However most church planters were already supported by ministry who gave them something to start however. We started our ministry on faith and obedience to what God told my husband to do which was to launch the ministry in this time.

We had our first church launch in March of 2015 we were sharing a building with our covering church. The church was located in the middle of the country in the good wholesome state of  Texas. We experience church growth and we also experience those who were there for their season and went somewhere else. Some would say that the distance was to far  so they decided to go to a church that was in their community. We  also has seen major victories provided for others when our church was on a shoe string budget as well. In these next couple episodes I wanted to encourage those who are launching their ministry or church and also those who are in the process. I know the process can seem like your alone.  However on my website i’m going to open up a forum and i’m going to be having some guest on the show who have been in ministry for a while, church planters, pastors, pastors wives and much more.

At our ministry I have two major roles of I’m the Media Director and the church Administrator.  I believe that soon God will bless our ministry with a church administrator that is anointed to handle the administrative role in our ministry. However in this episode I talk about making your church legal with.


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