The Summer is almost over and guess what its really time to get back to a lot of Tech Girl stuff. As many of you know I am a Wife of one awesome Man, mom of 4 very very busy bams. And this month with all that is going on in my life i finish my Last month of school yes I will have my BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN DIGITAL CINEMATOGRAPHY From FULL SAIL UNIVERSITY I SUPPOSE TO GRADUATE IN SEPTEMBER. HOWEVER I LITERALLY failed this one class and it dinged me for 3k right to retake this class…. YIKES……. SO I got it down to 1550  now so now for them to release all my stuFf i have to pay these people 1500 lol. However they told me to go ahead and finish and prayfully by the end of the month i can get these people a whole house note……. So i can walk the stage.

Now the bad crap before the good…… My Goal is to  start a online training school for the home creatives and professional who would like to enhance their creative skills. I am way more than certified and i’m excited about that i have to finish school get registered as a trade school so that i can get certified by the state of texas and the education agency as well.  So there is a few steps that go to that however the Goal is a big goal and i’m closer to it the first big step was obtaining a Bachelor of Science  and  since my husband will be completing his school afte rhe’s done i’m headed to get my master’s  at least that was my goal.

I’m Excited about my baby sister if yall i couldn’t let her graduate college before me lol….However she graduated #1 in her class  below you can watch her speech Limitless……



I am indeed one proud sister i must say she’s in New York my prayer for her is in all things she stays focus and do what she need to do. Elsie is a testament to what you think is bad can turn out good no matter where you come from. Limits are placed on us every day. From the time we were born there is always some type of limits place on us. We have to  get back in to the flow of that i believe it can be done and do it.  Damn there 13 years or so of me being out of school I finally finish my degree . Though a little late guess what she did it. and you can do what ever you want to. Be encourage by my baby sister and know you are #limitless


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